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3-D RPG System $1.00
Publisher: Eerie Viking Entertainment
by Jesse E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/14/2008 09:37:28

Since the release of the D20 Open Game License, there have been a number of variant D20 systems released that have tried to perfect the D20 system for players who find it too static and standardized. Eerie Viking Games may have finally produced such a product.

The 3-D RPG System is an alternate Open Game System based on D20. It utilizes rules and variations from a variety of sources to the effect of creating an original and all-encompassing system that is as bare bones and strait to the point as the System Reference Document itself. There aren't many frills here, but if you want tons of rules from a ton of different OGL sources compiled and altered to mesh together into an elegant level-free system loosely based off of D20, then this is the place to look.

In fact, 3-D RPG seems geared primarily towards the game designer rather than the player or casual gamer. In the looming shadow of 4th Edition, 3-D RPG is the type of product that gives game designers who want something different a chance to produce something that is backed by the full force of the original Open Game License. It acts as a skeletal system that other designers can fill in for their own purposes.

It stands to reason that 3-D RPG is not for everyone, but ever since I had the opportunity to see an early version of the game, I have seen this as the future of our industry. With all the hub-bub about the changes to the Open Content of 4th Edition, it's good to see a viable alternative becoming available to those of us who have long been unhappy with D20 for quite some time.

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