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H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds $3.95 $3.00
Publisher: Deep7
by Brendan F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/13/2008 06:29:35

I've bought, played and reviewed a few 1PG games now. WotW is the first I'm willing to give top marks to.

While I admit to purchasing it through curiosity alone, I was surprised to find it a well-conceived and unique game. Thankfully based on the original book with not a hint of the meaningless film evident, it is designed to have the player characters fight to survive during the terrible slaughter of humanity under the Martian's short-lived rule of England.

The scenarios fit well into a 6-part mini-series format that the GM and players can likely play through with satisfaction, and while the setting and system are as deadly as 1PG tends to be this is hardly a negative in my eyes.

For loyalty to the source, and creating some solid stories of survival in the unique setting of The War of the Worlds, I can only give this wonderful little book five stars.

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