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Guildhouses, Hospitals, & Other Professional Places (City Builder Volume 4) $2.99
Publisher: Skirmisher Publishing
by Randy M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/01/2008 20:00:46

Okay!! This is more to my liking! LOTS of good info in this installment.

As with the previous releases, City Builder Volume 4: Professional Places follows the same, well established format of both good info and useful graphics to help GMs design their cities. This installment features a hospital, mage's lodge, training hall and a guildhouse. The adventure hooks also make this book incredibly easy to use.

In addition, and much to my enjoyment, they have included an appendix just for the guilds. This extra feature not only discusses guild organization and regulations, but also includes a random guild generator. I definitely appreciate something like this because it allows me to "roll one up" on short notice, but also simplifies picking just the features I want at a high level. This way, I can fill in the details on my own and have a unique group in each and every town.

The artwork fills nearly a third of the book, but just looking at some of the pics gave me ideas on new surroundings and a mini-adventure. The price is still under two bucks, but the content is easily worth twice to three times that amount.

This is the kind of thing I was hoping to see in future products and so far, I'm quite pleased with what I received. Keep up the great work!!

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Guildhouses, Hospitals, & Other Professional Places (City Builder Volume 4)
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