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Heroic Toolkits: Vehicles (Revised) $4.98
Publisher: Gun Metal Games
by Cory S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/05/2008 01:07:15

Review of Vehicles (for True20) by Cory Stone

Vehicles is a True20 supplement in PDF format from Reality Deviant Press.

Green Ronin’s idea for making a series of rule book supplements for all game genres is a marvelous idea. I am beginning a campaign set in a world that crosses the entire spectrum of possible technologies in True20. In this campaign setting, every possible technology exists from oxen pulled war carts and swords to warp drive and ion cannon!

In this unusual setting, there is a need for accurate definition of the function and form of vehicles in this wildly mixed technological battleground.

This “toolkit” book is perfect. In every category of vehicle, there is such a rich variety of vehicle types that it provides a good continuum from which only slight modifications need be made to fit any vehicle one might imagine into the charts! And, of course, the exact vehicles featured are of such common vintage and usage, that in most gaming situations, no improvisation is required as the vehicle needed will most often be right there ready to use!

The expanded vehicle rules in the first two chapters are strictly common sense and it makes it easy to engineer a running vehicular combat scenario so that the characters can actually partake in one of those great car chases like they have always seen in the movies! And, personalizing vehicles with the advent of “Vehicle Feats” is a great idea. All vehicles are different and this allows a diversification that can keep the players guessing about the bad guys and what they can do.

I also like the way in which the author organized the vehicles into technological eras. This allows ease of design for your game (the index is really handy here); and, since all the stats are in the same units and everything fits together under the True20 rules, scenes like you see on the front cover (the Rhino pulled Orc filled war cart in front of an M1A2 Abrams tank is really ‘do-able’ (spelling a rather short and ugly day for those Orcs!).

This supplement is an excellent addition to the True20 rules. One can only hope that future supplements covering other areas of game play will be as organized and simply useful as this book.


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Heroic Toolkits: Vehicles (Revised)
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