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Arcana Evolved: Circle Of Rites
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Publisher: Fiery Dragon
by Simon G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/12/2008 06:54:56

As I recall, the author of this adventure wanted to address the challenge of how to stage a mystery plot in a setting where spells like Object Loresight and the akashic record exist as easy ways to get information. So was he successful?

The plot is essentially a murder mystery, and is laid out fairly loosely with several possible paths that could be taken. Depending on how the players tackle the investigation they may end up following several leads, or they may end up tipping off the bad guys. There is no pre-determined path through the adventure, which is good, and it doesn't rely on the players spotting clever clues. Even if they blunder around gormlessly, something will happen to them.

Overall it's quite a short adventure, possibly one night's worth of play if your group is quick, or they miss the side-trek. The NPCs are fairly interesting, although some of them will never get a chance to intereact non-violently with the players. Walks-in-Dust, however, is great fun to play.

Good points: Coherent, open-ended, no glaring plot-holes that I could see, uses elements of the Diamond Throne setting throughout, loads of re-usable NPC stats. Good or Bad points depending on your point of view: Fairly short, some combats can be very deadly!

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Arcana Evolved: Circle Of Rites
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