Heroic Toolkits: Vehicles (Revised) $4.98
Publisher: Gun Metal Games
von Keith S. [Verifizierter Käufer] Hinzugefügt am: 05/13/2008 14:01:04

Heroic Toolkits: Vehicles is a source book for True 20 role-playing game. Overall, I think that the book is pretty, but lacking in substance. Here are a couple of examples: In the supernatural vehicles section it mentions that a vehicle could have the ability to "blink" but doesn't say how far something can "blink", how quickly the power activates, and if you need to be able to see the destination. Also under the supernatural section it mentions that a vehicle can have elemental resistance but doesn't say how this works in the game. Does the vehicle gain +4 to saves vs. that particular element? Or is it completely immune? Also, it says that clearly a machine gun should not be allowed to hurt a battleship, but what about things in between. How big does a weapon have to be to hurt a tank? I would have liked to see something that made it a little easier for GMs to determine what weapons can hurt what vehicles. Not all of us really know how tough a tank is. This book has a lot of interesting ideas but seems to be a bit short on game specifics. If you are looking for a book to give you a lot of ideas about vehicles, but are ok with house-ruling a lot of things, then this is a good book for you.

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Heroic Toolkits: Vehicles (Revised)
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