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Imperial Starmada Sourcebook $16.95 $11.30
Publisher: Majestic Twelve Games
by Ian B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/23/2008 02:34:28

I am new to the Starmada system so I wanted to see some pre-generated ships. I hoped to be able to learn a bit about designing ships using the Starmada system. If you read my review of SAE then you know I am not a great fan of the ship design system to begin with. Unfortunately, this supplement did little to change my opinion there, but that's an aside point. ISS is a meaty book (82 pages) with which you get 30 ship designs and background material for five empires. You also get an easy campaign system and about a dozen new rules. As much as I appreciate the work the authors put into the background, that is not what I was buying the book for. I would of rather seen more ship descriptions (what is the design philosophy?) and a bit less history. Each ships page has one nice graphic but data cards for two ships of the same class. One could of doubled the number of ships here easily. Overall a good sourcebook for empires but not that great a ship design supplement.

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Imperial Starmada Sourcebook
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