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Big Bang Vol. 4: European Military Rifles, 1870-1900 $3.75
Publisher: Alternate Realities Publications
by Charles C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/12/2008 01:29:21

Super great... i just wish books like this were easyer to find, hard to get books on old guns like these for RPG's I just wish they ha more guns. they seem to pick and choose and ignored some good ones like not a single german gun... i know the 98 is in a million rpgs now but there are other mousers such as the 1891 mouser which used a differnt system and bullet. and no 1881 naggant, well i am not saying thats a dissapointment but this book is saposed to be early military arms but it seems to be only italy swiss us and uk when really thats just a very select few. now i am happy with the product but i was shocked at the lack of other wepons that could or should have made it in this book cause come on, unless you going to make a 2nd book cant say early military firearms and skip ones you dont wanna do unless you call the book "Some Early Militry Firearms"

for the most part the book is 100% worth getting just remember that if there is smething that is lacking makeing you want them to make a nother book.

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Big Bang Vol. 4: European Military Rifles, 1870-1900
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