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Blackdyrge's Bits & Pieces: Weapons of Synergy $2.00
Publisher: Blackdirge Publishing
by Shane O. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 06/30/2008 13:03:55

There can be little doubt that the d20 system is one that (normally) requires characters to have magic weapons. Without them, hitting creatures becomes very difficult, if not impossible, due to high ACs and escalating DRs. Indeed, it’s often been said that you literally can’t run a high-level character who uses mundane weaponry. This is almost universally seen as a drawback, because while characters have innate abilities from feats and classes, these tend to be overshadowed by their gear. The debut product in the new Blackdyrge’s Bits & Pieces line, Weapons of Synergy aims to, not correct that, but try and reign it in some.

The book is a comparatively long one, for the content it has. Eight pages in length, it details twelve new magic weapon properties, and has three example weapons. Full bookmarks are given, which is always a nice touch. There’s little artwork to be found throughout the book. Each of the three example weapons has an illustration, but aside from that the cover is the only art here. However, there’s a very light background of a grid on each page, which may slightly irritate some readers (remember the underlines for the text in the PHB?).

Each of the new magic weapon properties normally mimics an existing feat or class ability. So in other words, if you don’t have Improved Disarm, you effectively will if you’re using a disarming weapon. The twist is that each of these properties grants a greater power if you do have the feat/ability they mimic. For example, if you did have Improved Disarm, then when you used a disarming weapon you’d gain an additional +2 to disarm attempts, and could make an immediate attack on someone you’d disarmed. The three example weapons all have more than one synergy properties.

Overall, I found myself liking this product for what it presented. Synergies between a character and his weapon(s) help to make the character feel much more whole, rather than just a stand-in for wielding some phat lewt. This book is a good step towards making the items flesh out the character more, rather than the other way around.

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Blackdyrge's Bits & Pieces: Weapons of Synergy
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