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Ave Molech (Second Edition)
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Publisher: Morbidgames
by Bratty K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/25/2008 14:24:21

I picked this up on a whim because the cover artwork caught my eye and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Of the 160 pages, about 50 to 60 of that is lore and with the way the book is laid out it seems like the authors really focused more on story and game-play rather than mechanics and rules. There also seems to be a lot of room for possible expansion. I found the world of Ave Molech interesting since it doesn’t really have a specific genre. The setting starts off with a brief history of the world with a chaos god being killed and the succeeding gods losing their powers due to lack of belief in them. Then there is mention of ifrits and dragons gaining power briefly and eventually mankind is left to fend for itself. Which all happens very quickly and moves on to an invading force of powerful beings that outright destroy civilization. Next come in guns, airships and car-like vehicles next to swords, magic and howler riders. After the write up on the current world, its people and places, which have some organizations I could easily work into my existing campaign. There is a series of maps and then it starts to get into the classes, skills, spells and equipment. The classes are in fact d20 modern based, even though there are races and converted 3.5 edition classes like the Shadow Dancer. Though there are some classes I have not seen before and I assume are unique to the world like the Dragonne and Fearasitic Mage. Then there is a section on clockwork and monster templates, a DM section and a first level campaign. All pretty straight forward, however the DM section contains a series of short stories, additional npcs, monsters and places not mentioned in the previous sections. Liked: Lots of world setting info and ideas for stories and campaigns. Disliked: I thought some of the classes, skills and equipment could use a little more work. Quality: The PDF is well constructed with bookmarks and a black and white printable version at the end. Value: Satisfied

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Ave Molech (Second Edition)
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