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Battle Above the Earth $7.00 $3.92
Publisher: Fantasy Games Unlimited
by Edward J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/26/2008 15:56:00

You gotta love the 1980s! The superhero concepts and ideas would have been fun to read in a comic book, especially those presented in BATE. Something is missing, though, when you read the adventure that an actual comic would have filled in. That's when you realize it's a product designed for the gaming to fill in the details and bring it to life. Brilliant? Maybe not. But with the fun stuff in this adventure, from a space station to the sterotypical battle above the earth (it's even in the title!), it certainly takes you back to a time when that might have been all you needed for a game system to work on a sunny, breezy afternoon / evening.

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Battle Above the Earth
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