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Daring Tales of Adventure #01 - To End All Wars & Chaos on Crete $0.00
Publisher: Triple Ace Games
by Nathan R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/30/2008 16:24:54

As a fan of all things Pulp I was excited to see some adventures being produced for Savage Worlds that would bring this genre to life. All the freebies at the companies website showed that they were serious about producing a quality product. So with little delay I purchased this adventure packet and downloaded the stuff from their website. The first story is a classic Pulp yarn with so much cool stuff(Nazis, Mad Scientist, Zepplins!). PRO - Well written, lots of action, very good plot. CON - this is minor, but important to note - the stories are generic enough to do with any character you cook up, but really shine with the pre-gens available on their website. The downside is only 4 pre-gens are available and the challenges are mostly geared for 4 players. I really wish they would come up with optional 5th or 6th PCs and note how to ratchet up the adventure to accommodate these extras. The second story, Chaos in Crete, while also a good yarn was not as good as the first, still worthy of the genre and more reminiscent of Indian Jone/Mummy and makes the $7 I spent well worth while.

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Daring Tales of Adventure #01 - To End All Wars & Chaos on Crete
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