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Daring Tales of Adventure #02 - Web of the Spider Cult $0.00
Publisher: Triple Ace Games
by Nathan R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/30/2008 16:31:30

The second of what appears to be 10 well connected adventures, this longer tale of Pulp goodness provides another excellent globe-trotting jaunt for players of the Savage Worlds. It also comes with quick cult generation rules for your own future adventures (combine this with the quick pulp adventure rules from Two Fisted Tales RPG and you can make a full adventure in about 30 minutes time). As I mentioned in my review of adventure #1, it is primarily focused on 4 characters, but it is a thrilling tale with so many good elements I can't hardly wait to run it. My only wish is now that I have the figure flats (which based on just the 2 adventures I have so far) I wish special characters and creatures were included in each adventure. In this one, it would have been great to have templates representing the creatures faced. In Adventure #1 it would have been great to have flats for the thing that stalks the players (trying to avoid spoilers here), or cars for the opening scene of To End All Wars. All in all an excellent product and I look forward to running this adventure (with some extra PCs) in the near future.

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Daring Tales of Adventure #02 - Web of the Spider Cult
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