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Planar Maps #1: Prison Demiplane of Sagyanak $15.80 $12.59
Publisher: GMC
by Bo V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/31/2008 15:47:35

This is a believable, irregular swath of sand with three elevation marks on it, a scale and an arrow pointing north. Towards the middle, there are some hills a few corpses and a some dark patches.

There is no backstory. There are no mechanics. No description of the nature of the plane. No discussion of its placement or any of its inhabitants. What you see behind the text on the cover is what you get, only 30 or 40 times larger. Between zipped images and pdf the product takes up a whopping 154mb on the hard drive.

I can only think this is an incomplete package. It would profit from some substance - differing shelters of the wasteland, inhabitants, items, legends, description of gates etc. etc...

I have never been less impressed with a pdf.

I think the time based 'sale' where the price doubles each month is a clever promotion but I think the product's lack of context and the single, albeit hugely zoomed picture, makes this uninteresting and very disappointing.

Save your bandwidth and hard drive space.

  • Sigurd

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Planar Maps #1: Prison Demiplane of Sagyanak
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