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100 Arcane Book Subjects $0.79
Publisher: Dark Quest Games
by Christopher H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/15/2008 02:17:53

Not very long ago, I needed to throw a couple of useless but flavorful magic books onto an NPC's bookshelf. I wish I'd already purchased this product before that adventure. I came up with a couple of reasonable-sounding titles, but this list of 100 arcane book subjects would have helped me broaden my own thinking a bit. I don't know that I'd necessarily use the entries on this list as the exact titles of the books, but if you need to come up with a quick description of what's in an book about magic (perhaps not necessarily a magical book or a spellbook), this chart is very handy. It's not the greatest product in the world, but it can sure help out a DM pressed for time or running short on imagination.

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