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Void Trek: 3007 A.D.
Void Trek: 3007 A.D.
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RDP: OGL Mecha 3: The LAS-17 Cerberus $2.00
Publisher: Gun Metal Games
by Jenette D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/15/2008 17:56:48

Yet another $1 mecha that provides some solid info on design, weapon systems and balanced d20 stats but still falls short in the artwork category.

What art there is, is composed of the cover, a small B&W photo of the same pic of the mecha later on, and a full page spread at the end of the mecha recolored a teal & turquoise in a mirrored reprint of the covers pic. (which isn't exactly outstanding artwork)

(and it's only 6 pages not of game material 7, the last page is used up with license info having no game related text)

For a single $1 you could do much worse, but still I was expecting a little more art work, maybe separate thumbnails of the weapon systems or a pic of the mecha in a different pose. As it is the mecha is worth closer to .75 cents.

Quality of Text: Satisfied
Quality of Artwork: Disappointed

Price: More than I felt it was worth

[2 of 5 Stars!]
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RDP: OGL Mecha 3: The LAS-17 Cerberus
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