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Shadowrun: Digital Grimoire $3.95
Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs
by John O. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/16/2008 13:01:43

I liked it, although I don't really ever get to play much these days. The short version of why I liked it is that it's concise and doesn't get bogged down in explaining the mechanics while still providing a window into the highly multi-cultural nature of the Awakened World. It is this last aspect that I particularly enjoy. For years, SR was largely a game set in Seattle and the world outside of that locale was very rarely given as much depth as that one city. Don't get me wrong, I lived in Seattle for a couple of years in the mid-90s (I was one of those Gen Xers) and it's a pretty cool place, but it's not the only city out there. Because there is a world beyond the Pacific North West, the additional paths of magic that evolved in other locales, sometimes very specific to other locations, help give the Sixth World greater depth.

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Shadowrun: Digital Grimoire
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