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0-hr: Exeter B $4.95
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by Troy D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/26/2018 00:25:57

Hey all!

First… lets break down what you get.

1 – Exeter-B-Main.PDF – Remember the Star Wars or Star Trek books that had the beautiful breakdowns and floor plans of your favorite space ships? Well the Exeter gives them a run for their money. The prose is well thought out and colorfully written however I can guarantee that you will skip over all of that so that you can look at the absolutely incredible artwork of this ship. Down the finest detail (they have a laundry room people… ) this ship is laid out in beautiful color. THIS alone makes the PDF worth 5 dollars. See my final comment though…

2 – Exeter-B-Pages.pdf – What if I told you that all of the incredible art work above was laid out in a map book that you could print, and put together on your table? That is what pages is. Pages is the ship (several versions actually) set up so that you can print her out and give her to your players. Amazing.

3 – – This is actually several files, JPG’s and PDFs but essentially these are POSTERS for the ship. Beautiful, full color floorplan POSTERS of the ship! Honestly, they could sell these separately and I would buy them.

My Final Comment – Where in the hell is the paperback? Or Hardback? Regardless of system, be it Starfinder, Traveler, Star Wars, Firefly... what have you, this is the book you want to have for your players. Ignore stats, ignore rules. Any rules system you have could easily be applied to this series of ships. And should be.

Because this will end up being their home.

Outstanding work and well worth 5 dollars, and 5 stars. When you get a print version lemme know. I’ll give that six stars.

Respect – Troy Daniels

Note – Pay attention sellers… this is how you do this. The text drew me in. I did not even look at the previews. I saw what they were putting out and then looked at the paltry price and said… Oh Hell.. for 5 bucks I will give this a try.

I can honestly say that this is the best five dollars I have spent on RPGNow in a very long time.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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0-hr: Exeter B
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