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Rogue's Field Guide Rare Races Pay What You Want
Publisher: Rogue Robot Studios
by Yannick G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/14/2018 16:20:12

A lot of fun races, as the advertised product was indeed to make distinctive races for PFRPG and they succeeded. While some races are a bit on the strong side (35-36 rp races) at the same time , any gm can find some good uses for them as interesting and unique npcs.

The Branchards and Isonoa (spelling) are easily my favorite races in the supplement. I'm looking forward to see more product from them.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Hey thank you for joining us on the adventure Yannick, we're really glad you enjoyed it.

And yes, you can definitely enjoy more rpg products from us real soon. We have one more GM/World-centric supplemental coming up, a custom bestiary with new monsters and npcs to add to your next game of Pathfinder, the next addition to the Rogue's Field Guide series: Flora and Fauna 1.

In addition, we also have another supplemental coming up full of player-centric material including new classes, archetypes & magic items, the first int he Rogue's Playbook series of products: Freaky & Fun 1.

All leading up to a campaign setting combing magitech and urban fantasy in world perfect for fans of the Bioshock series or other modern urban fantasy settings such as the one featured in the recent netflix film Bright; this will be called Ostrica: World of Fortune.

We hope that you will continue to break free go rogue and would also like to make sure that you are able to receive updates from us about upcoming products so please sign up for our newsletter here:

Until the next time, cheers and best wishes from myself and the whoel team here at Rogue Robot Studios!
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Rogue's Field Guide Rare Races
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