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Ave Molech (Second Edition)
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Publisher: Morbidgames
by JD S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/04/2009 15:14:17

The two preceding reviews cover the scope and intent of the product, and to be honest, the core principle is a very interesting world concept, producing a magic/tech mix on a world recovering from near-destruction.

What the other reviewers fail to mention is that the writing is horrible, just terrible. The background reads like a 14 year old GM’s notes. As one example, for several consecutive paragraphs a great hero (the background primarily focuses upon the world-changing deeds of Great Heroes, who are Men of Mystery) is forced by enemy action ‘to make a fast decision’. Apparently this king was too stupid to make a choice unless things were desperate. After the enemy destroyed his city in a single night (no one farms, it appears-cities are the only unit of political measurement discussed), he made a fast decision: build an underground city. How this was accomplished with his city already over-run is not touched upon. Later, his followers, once again operating on the instructions of a man incapable of the most basic advance planning, manage to extend the city downwards faster than the enemy can invade. This is not an isolated example.

Run-on sentences with absolutely no attention paid to structure, very juvenile approaches to setting issues, and a serious lack of editing detract from what is actually a pretty decent world concept. This extends into the support information on equipment, races, politics, and the like; everything is described in what I would call “GM’s quick notes’ style which reminds me of Judge’s Guild material; simplistic sentence-long notes on how things work which are open to multiple interpretations.

A good twenty pages are nothing more than the same map with one feature placed on it: roads on one map, etc. In summary, this is an interesting setting with some original concepts, but unless you’re looking for a quick background to justify old-school ‘clear the dungeon’ crawls , a GM is going to have to put a lot of work into the setting.

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Ave Molech (Second Edition)
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