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Drop Zones - Well of the Twice Born (OGL) Pay What You Want
Publisher: DragonWing Games
by Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 01/24/2009 10:35:00

Drop Zones is another hybrid project by a publisher testing the traditional categories of Dungeons and Dragons accessories. DragonWing Games new product can best be described as an extended plot hook. And although the purposeful lack of direction makes the product feel shallow in places, there is a simplistic grace to Drop Zones – Well of the Twice Born that Dungeon Masters will mildly enjoy.

Well of the Twice Born presents the readers with the setting of a druid’s shrine and then explains the circumstances for that shrine. A number of hooks are included to lead PCs to the shrine and interactions between the PCs and the shrines protectors, the twice born, are presented.

What Twice Born does really well is write a simple story. The descriptions are short and warm. The story is detailed enough to follow and understand. The area feels like it has a lot of promise for a skilled DM. Unfortunately, things are too simple. Whereas the writer seemed to be going for a place DMs can drop into any campaign, something DMs covet, there is too little material provided for an average or novice DM. At 17 pages for a single plot hook, one would expect a couple of well designed NPCs or a stronger tie in with the natural realm. At best, I was hoping to find a comprehensive write up of exactly what makes a twice born so twice born.

For the Dungeon Master This is a well written PDF, and I find the premise useable if you add more detail to the story and tweak the twiceborn a bit.

The Iron Word Drop Zones: The Well of the Twice Born is a nice attempt at creating an easy to use product for Dungeon Masters, and just falls short of that goal. Instead of providing too much, as often modules do, it instead provides too little. And just too little enough to create that inkling of frustration that appears when you see a rumor fall out of exhaustion two feet from the finish line. It will be interesting to see the next Drop Zones product to see if they put a little more boost in it.

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Drop Zones - Well of the Twice Born (OGL)
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