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Kids, Castles, & Caves Deluxe Set [BUNDLE] $5.00
Publisher: Brave Halfling Publishing
by Alex P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/28/2009 19:57:48

This is a very simple role-playing game based on the basic D&D/LotR archetypes. There are a couple levels of character advancement available, and a decent variety of monsters to fight. The rules are simple--my six-year-old and my eight-year-old both grasped it quickly enough to convince my four-year-old to join in. Their universal verdict was to ask if we could play it again.

The bonus paper-minis and play mats from Arion Games are part of what sold the game. My kids loved picking their character, cutting them out, and gluing/taping them together. They are of a slightly different (simpler) style than Arion's usual minis but work well enough alongside the usual product line.

Pros: Simple, kid-friendly rules. Enough of a framework to provide quite a lot of entertainment, especially with a little tweaking. The Arion-Game paper minis add a crafty, visual element that extends the appeal to kids even further.

Cons: The fairy princess was pretty powerful and a brilliant addition but my girls grew tired of her--I think the wand proved to be an unsatisfying weapon with only one dice roll while everyone else was getting to roll twice.

Bonus: The basic addition and counting involved (we used pennies to keep track of health and nickels for "play points") provided my kindergartner with a wonderful opportunity to review and develop the basic math skills they are working on in school.

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Kids, Castles, & Caves Deluxe Set [BUNDLE]
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