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Mad Wizard's Laboratory $6.96
Publisher: Encompass
by selcuk g. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/11/2009 02:14:43

I had purchased "The Octagon" from this line. There were several problems, which I reported to customer service. Within minutes I got an answer and had a complete refund. Mr Jeff Montgomery then tried to solve the problems. For me that is excellent customer support and I thank you for that.

Encompass on the other hand has been terrific. I got contacted 5-6 times to get my opinion. I am in RPG games since mid 80's and never before met such caring customer support. Bravo.

In order to make the tiles suitable for A-4 size Encompass reduced size to 8x10 squares per page. There are still no cut borders, but it is probably a personal tase then a real issue. As it is the tiles fit quite well. I am sure the company will be adding 2 pages for secret door and traps of the product. (They are visable now)

I personally like light color use on the bases of tiles, ands thats what you get. This enables the art of the tiles to shine. Details are every where and color use is sharp. The system free notes are also a nice touch. They have good details which you might want to adapt. The terminology used is no alien to D20 users.

The product certainly deserves 6,95 price tag. I hope there will be more modular ones in the coming months in which the user can make some arragements. I certainly recommend this and the other two products. Even if you do not need the locations, they pleasure to look at.

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Mad Wizard's Laboratory
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