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Future Armada: Jo Lynn $5.95
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by Daniel B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/21/2009 23:17:45

Jo Lynn, as with the rest of the Future Armada product line, is a beautifully presented product which is such a complete role play pack that I was amazed at how much it greatly succeeds the expectations prior to purchase. The price is an obvious example of how much the author loves the gaming community and wishes to gift us all with exceptional value with no regard towards personal profit.

I have a decent collection of the Future Armada series, and won't give up until I own the complete collection! Here's a small explanation towards the why of it:

  • Floor Plans - The table-top play scaled artwork is nothing short of amazing. With the included variation possibilities, the assembly map keys and layout organization make this product stand out as the best in its class.

  • Exterior Art - The beautifully rendered action shots are a most enjoyable addition to the product. They really help us all capture the feel of the ship and get that reality imagination churning. Very well done

  • Background Info - The fact that these ships exist is no mystery once Ryan (author) spells it out for you. Another reviewer was sounding perplexed regarding the similarity between the Exeter and the Jo Lynn. Reading the wonderful background information explains the whole thing in detail. If used as "Jo Lynn" (rather than naming it as your own ship), a full history is included complete with its present owner and crew - who they are - along with their histories and stats.

  • Extras - The product includes variations for the ship - so you can print it out in the configuration that suits the players needs. This remarkable feature is included throughout the Future Armada series.

It becomes immediately evident that Ryan Wolf doesn't just throw floor plans at you that look cool. This, as with the rest of the series, are extremely well thought out and believable starships - complete with possible flaws, histories, functionality and real-world purpose. Each arrangement is a professionally assembled product organized to help the end user (me) to get the most out of it.

I enjoy the manuals so much that I printed them all out and hard-bound them into fine gaming books. Ryan Wolf, if you read this, Thank You! The very small price for the endless hours you've put into this series is incredible!

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Future Armada: Jo Lynn
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