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DM Campaign Record (4E) $4.99
Publisher: Goodman Games
by Brandon S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/24/2009 17:54:34

This is a pretty useful pdf. I was keeping track of my campaign details in a spiral notebook, but over time it became a little difficult to find the name of that NPC who did that thing back in that town like ten weeks ago and who my PCs suddenly felt the need to talk to RIGHT NOW. But this campaign record makes it much easier to find information like that. It also contains lots of neat little extras like the pickpocket table and the tavern name generator. Excellent resources, both.

My big complaint, however, is that the pdf is laid out for book printing and does not take advantage of the pdf format. For instance, there are two pages where you can track PC stats such as defense scores and passive skill values. The field for PC names only exists on the first of those two pages. This layout only works if you have printed out both pages and bound them together facing one another as they would be in a book. I supposed you could print them out double-sided and place the pages in a three-ring binder and that would solve the issue, but that's not how I use my pdfs. I either print them out single-sided and staple them together or else I just view them on my computer. This pdf does not work well with either of those viewing methods.

I feel sort of bad rating this item so low because it does a lot of things very well. But its layout issues make the item almost unusable for me. Here's hoping they release an update where they reformat the product to take advantage of the pdf medium instead of simply being the source file for the product's print version.

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