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Kroola: Koldbloods and Karnivores $0.00
Publisher: Poison Ivy Press
by Christopher H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/26/2009 03:12:36

I usually like any free product, just because it's free! This one is also a lot of fun. Jack Smith IV and Poison Ivy Press present here a clever and enjoyable race suitable for PCs or NPCs/"monsters." This PDF presents an epic destiny for kroola PCs, four new generic kroola stat blocks, a klappa minion, and two new kroola PCs. The product also gives stats for the cutlass--missing from the original kroola product--and 2D tokens to use on the gaming table. You'll get a lot more than you pay for in this PDF!

It's not all perfect--there are still a number of annoying stylistic, typographical, or grammatical errors and inconsistencies. But I won't let these stop me from enjoying the kroola and using them as antagonists in my current seafaring campaign.

I give more details in a review at, but to cut right to the chase: the presentation quality of Koldbloods & Karnivores notably exceeds that of the original Kroola PDF, and the mechanical quality of both is pretty high. One thing still hasn't been resolved, though: the kannoneer's weapons from the first installment. That part still troubles me. Nevertheless, I recommend you download this product and also purchase its older sibling, The Kroola, if you have room in your campaign world for piratical anthropomorphic crocodiles.

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Kroola: Koldbloods and Karnivores
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