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[RuneQuest] Strike Force 7 $0.00
Publisher: Super Genius Games
by Txabier A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/22/2009 15:35:03

Well, as far as "fake" G.I. Joe goes, this is a great sourcebook with well-developed informations, althougth the extreme right wing stance, make it quite unpallatable for me in some parts. Still, you can't say it isn't true to its source and the "reaganomics" that sapwned it, although the dalliances with "bushian" attitudes towards "those making it easier for SKORPION to strike at us" (that is all those who oppose a rather shady government as pictured here, too) do take a lot away from the enjoyment, no matter how fictional.

But that's just differences in politics, and should it be put aside, this a is great source for a modern military (or paramilitary, if you are so inclined) campaign with all the trappings of a nice G.I. Joe comic or even one of the decent saturday morning cartoon plots, barring the bad animation, with all the necessary materials to make it run smoothly using the Rune Quest engine.

My only complain is that it should have a lot more artwork, given that the subject material is ripe for great character snapshots for their dossiers, and the tech intel on the team's and teh enemy's rides and toys.

I was almost sure I was going to find fake ID cards somewhere, and their absence was a bit of a downer.

Still, it 's 78 pages of quit nice info, great intel and lots of ideas to have great gaming sessions or well-thought out and developed campaigns.

All in all, a nice product.

LIKED: The well-rounded information provided.

DISLKED: The lack of artwork.

SATISFACTION: Quite satisfied.

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[RuneQuest] Strike Force 7
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