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OtherWorldly Art Portfolio Volume One $8.00 $3.99
Publisher: Super Genius Games
by Andrew F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/09/2009 19:22:20

I was prepared to be a little disappointed when I bought this product to be honest. I have over the years bought my fair share of stock art for various reasons. Generally the old adage you get what you pay for holds true. By this I mean that while some of the pieces in a stock art pack maybe nicely done the majority are something I could have done myself.

This was NOT the case with the OtherWorldly Art Portfolio's I purchased. The entire set of images are very well done. Depending on the pack you select and your needs you should be able to find a use for them all. The Sets I have purchased have proved incredibly useful and better than the old adage. In this case I got much more than I paid for and a pleasant surprise it was. This has held true with all 3 of the products I have purchased from Otherworld Creations. The only constructive criticism I have is that I wish stock art packs came with a description of all the images to be found inside. This is true of most stock art however so that is a nitpick really.

Kudos to the artists and the publisher for making a quality product at an affordable price.

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OtherWorldly Art Portfolio Volume One
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