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Lich's Mansion $6.96
Publisher: Encompass
by Michael R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/16/2009 18:28:44

As nice as Encompass' artwork is - and it is really nice - there is very little in this mansion that makes me feel as though it is inhabited by a lich or any other malicious, undead creature. I own five Encompass products, and I have finally come to the conclusion they are stuck in "table, chair, rug and bed" mode. There are lots and lots and lots of these 4 items in the various rooms of the Lich's Mansion. So if tables, chairs and rugs are what your PC's hope to find in the rooms they explore, this is definitely the place for them. In my opinion, very little imagination or effort was utilized in creating this product. Except for the mausoleum and a couple skeletons in the cellar, this could be anyone's house. Game Master's are looking for originality, atmosphere and aesthetics when purchasing battle maps. There is nothing much creepy about this place, although I have to give a thumbs up for the mausoleum, just for the spectacular artwork. Unfortunately, even the mausoleum falls short of being even the tiniest bit spooky. Artwork: 5. Originality: 1. Attention to detail: 2. Atmosphere: 1. Wow factor:2 Overall: 2 And PLEASE . . . get rid of the RED arrows on the stairs. We can figure out which way is up and which is down. Really, we can.

[2 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
The settings purposely lean toward the generic side so that they can be used more flexibly. That way folks don't *have* to use them in the way presented in the accompanying documentation if they have another purpose in mind. We feel it is easier for GMs to add things to the setting through presentation and description than it is to try and remove them once items are graphically represented in the image that don't fit in with their current campaign. Lich's Mansion contains dilapidated, ruined old furniture--at least what's left of the furnishings--the floor is dirty, the grounds are unattended, the basement is trashed. It doesn't have to be the current residence of a Lich. It could be the home of an eccentric recluse, it could be an abandoned property or a plain old-fashioned haunted house.