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COPPER DRAGON: Caverns 1 $3.99 $2.00
Publisher: Fat Dragon Games
by Peter I. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 06/24/2009 10:26:22

I've looked at quite a few 2D terrain and tile products from numerous publishers over the last year or more, but I have to say that this offering from Fat Dragon Games puts a lot of other products in a different light. This product is class, and it's immediately noticeable from your very first look at the product - high quality art, pseudo 3D graphics, good variety, utility and versatility. These tiles will look good, there's no doubt, and at a price that offers excellent value for money. Copper Dragon - Caverns 1 is a high quality terrain tile product, containing 24 excellent cavern tiles to create a wide variety of stunning 2D cavern maps for your tabletop RPG gaming needs.

Copper Dragon - Caverns 1 is an impressive 30 page pdf product, containing 24 pages of 8x8 square tiles that can be printed to create high quality maps and battlemaps. The product contains an impressive cover, very useful introductory material and guidelines on using the product, and an even more useful set of mini pictures over two pages that give you an overview of each of the cavern tiles. The presentation is very professional, and you can see Fat Dragon Games know how it needs to be done, because they deliver top quality work. The work in this set is naturally also compatible with all their other products (and largely also with everything else on the same scale on the market), making this set doubly useful. This set forms the first and foundation set for some upcoming releases, which having seen this, I'm quite excited to see.

It true to say that Fat Dragon Games have definitely got their own sense of style when it comes to 2D terrain tiles, something which is mostly true for all publishers. In this case their style reflects a pseudo-3D looking tile, rather than the more traditional looking flat 2D tile. This actually works wonderfully well, and creates some excellent print outs that work very well when cut out and stuck to some strong cardstock or similar. As a foundation set, this is in a way a no-frills set of caves and corridors, meaning that there are no objects present anywhere, other than the odd scattering of rocky rubble or pebbles. To be honest, not much more is needed. I've always preferred an approach where objects are distributed in something like an object or item pack (much like FDG have done in the past), as this allows you to customize your own tiles after printing. Other publishers tend to use more complex pdf technology or layers to provide customization on screen rather than off. Either approach works, really, although I'd like to see a publisher take the reins on producing high quality objects in 2D or 3D that can be used on any tile set on the market.

As one would expect, this product contains a good variety of different types of corridors, cavern walls, room entrances, rooms and the like. It provides options to create both small rooms with a single tile, or otherwise much larger rooms contains combinations of multiple tiles. One can probably achieve quite an impressive number of different features, though I haven't played with all the tiles to those lengths. As mentioned before, without objects these tiles lack a certain versatility, but at the same time offer enough variety and stunning art to make them definitely worthwhile. Those gamers that like high quality, stunning art and good variety will be drawn to this set, while those gamers that prefer more versatility in customizing objects on tiles might prefer other products on the market. Either way, I can only recommend this product for everyone interested in 2D terrain tiles.

I was very impressed by this product - it offers high quality tiles in good variety and with plentiful options in cavern design. I'm looking forward to seeing future tilesets from FDG, including others in the caverns series. A great value product well worth looking at.

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