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Four-Color to Fantasy: Superhero Toolkit (Original 3.0 Version) $8.95 $4.48
Publisher: EN Publishing
by Jason C. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 06/24/2009 12:45:21

Four-Color To Fantasy was one of the first 3.0 superhero add-ons that came out, and to some degree it shows. There are some clunky bits in here, and some things that don't really add up, but there are a lot of grand ideas that make it worth a gamer's while:

  • The fantasy superheroes setting, while done less explicitly in games like Exalted, is both fun and compelling. The sample characters do a good job of getting across a superhero tone with fantasy trappings.

  • The very flexible "hero" class that is used to funnel the normal level-based advancement of D20 into a point-buy system for powers and so on is quite effective. There is good advice on game balance as well.

  • Because it's a D20 fantasy game, magic is implemented a lot more thoroughly than it is in many other superhero settings, which treat it, systematically, as just another way to have superpowered things happen.

Although it's perhaps been surpassed since the time it came out (and itself has several editions after this one), FCTF remains a solid product well worth a look.

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Four-Color to Fantasy: Superhero Toolkit (Original 3.0 Version)
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