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Darwin's World: Beastmen
Publisher: RPG Objects
by Ron A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/22/2009 16:32:40

As a one shot pick-up game this module fits the bill perfectly, however as part of or an introduction to a campaign save your money. When I read the description I was immediately reminded of a Morrow Project Snake Eater type campaign and initialy intended to modify the information for just that. Unfortunately it just seemed more trouble than it was worth. The only map provided is a rough (and I mean rough) sketch of the adventure area. No maps of the service tunnels are provided and one of the hero's first missions is to clear them of ghouls. There is no listing of starting equipment for the heros unles you use the pregenerated characters provided, and one of the missions calls for salvaging a vehicle from a junkyard. Again no maps and rather than include stats for the three possible vehicles the authers directs the reader to the core books. I understand that for the price I shouldn't expect a full blown module however I had hoped to use something from this product. If you're a part time gamer and want a good one shot this will work. Otherwise save your money.

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Darwin's World: Beastmen
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