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Book of Classes: Acrobat Playtest for D and D 4th Edition $0.00
Publisher: GameVein
by Naomi B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/07/2009 18:15:58

I think that I like this but I would like a bit more explanation about the chalk. The character would be good for urban arcana or maybe a failed monk who got the physical training right but not the spiritual in a D&D game. Also what is the purpose of an acrobat? To be the best? Then why are they adventuring? And the chalk confuses me. What happens if you have some of a previous chalk on your hands when you use the next one? Do they combine in action or negate each other? If it becomes a weapon instead of an implement, does that mean that the acrobat no longer needs ki? Or more ki? As a weapon does that mean anyone can use it if the acrobat shares it around?

I could like this character a lot but I think it needs a little more tweaking.

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Creator Reply:
Thanks for checking out our classes, we hope you enjoy them.

We shall be doing another round of polishing on the Acrobat, primarily with regards to its chalk use. Chalk is a balance design mechanism to ensure that unarmed fighters are not at a penalty compared to those who might use magical weapons. Chalk fits well with the Acrobat theme.

Only the latest application of chalk is effective, so if you have some left over on your hands and apply a different chalk, then only the latest shall take effect. Once per day you can share chalk with an ally, provided they are able to make use of the chalk.

Hopefully we shall have everything in shipshape by release. If you have additional feedback on the playtests, we would love to hear them. You can reach us at:
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Book of Classes: Acrobat Playtest for D and D 4th Edition
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