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Chronica Feudalis $10.00
Publisher: Cellar Games, LLC
by Rob B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/24/2009 15:59:06


  1. Clever integration of step-die mechanics a la Earthdawn and aspect mechanics a la FATE/Spirit of the Century.

  2. Mentor-based chargen replicates medieval cultural beliefs about education (i.e., superiority of ancients, learning by example). Also immediately generates 3 NPCs for plot hooks, character connections, etc.

  3. Use of same conflict rules for combat, parley, chase, and subterfuge appreciated--but equally welcome are venue-specific guidelines for how conflicts play out differently in each of those four areas.

  4. Excellent appendices providing sample stats for mentors and animals.


  1. Sample adventure feels too bare-bones. More guidance would have been welcome.

Overall Assessment

A wonderful game. Author says he plans on adapting it to other historical periods. I eagerly await the news that he has done so. :)

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Chronica Feudalis
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