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Bits of the Boulevard $7.75
Publisher: Tabletop Adventures, LLC
by Kevin M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/30/2009 13:07:39

If you haven’t experienced the benefits of this series yet, Tabletop Adventures continues to produce some of the most amazing and useful supplements if you’re a GM short on time and creativity (and who isn’t?). If you’re not familiar with this series, their “Harried Game Master” products are designed so that you can “buy today and play tonight.”

And their tag line really meets and in many instances, far exceeds expectations. The detailed encounters are vivid and evocative; they really do create the illusion of a living, breathing city. A nice side effect with a great majority of the encounters is the element of mystery and curiosity that is induced in the players. As an example, here is one such description:

“On the other side of the street from you walks a young woman who catches your attention for some reason…she is carrying a bottle in front of her carefully, as if frightened to spill even a drop…the young woman stops at a door and knocks hesitantly …an angry man who looks a lot like her, only older, stares at her with loathing…head bowed, she follows him into the building.”

There’s more to the description, so if you want to read it in full you’ll have to purchase the pdf, but the point is using descriptions such as these, it’s easy to create adventure hooks and seeds which can become further developed. An Index is also provided, so if an encounter is needed to fit a particular situation, you can easily find one amongst the many listed quickly and easily.

To sum up, this series is nothing short of amazing. My one and only complaint is the included stats are for D20 system, which I do not use. I would have preferred more generic stats, but this is a very minor gripe as they are infrequent, easily converted with minor effort, and in no way diminishes the usefulness and flexibility of this product. It is easily inserted into any fantasy system you are playing in.

The same can be said regarding the other supplements in this series, as I’ve also purchased Caverns, Dungeons I & II, and the Mother of all Treasure Tables. The latter is completely devoid of game stats, but presents an amazing amount of texture and detail to treasure. It’s obvious that the folks at TA have put a lot of effort into their products; very well done and definitely worth the purchase price

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