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Fantasy Women Clipart Volume 2 $1.95
Publisher: Art Fantasies
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 11/15/2009 08:18:27

The word 'fantasy' has different meanings to different people. Being a role-player, it means 'swords & sorcery' to me... and most of the images in this collection do not qualify. That doesn't mean to say that they are not pleasing to the eye, or of use if you are preparing materials for another genre... perhaps it is 'fantasy' as in adolescent male fantasy, although none are pornographic and most could be shown to even a prudish individual without causing offence!

The first image shows a decidedly out-of-uniform lady sprawled in front of a montage of modern military vehicles - nice pin-up for those with military interests. Her pose is a bit unrealistic, the arm she's supposed to be leaning on doesn't seem to be supporting her weight and she'd probably fall over, while she has what your average drill sergeant would describe as a 'non-regulation face.' The next one is far more attractive if a bit dark, a lady in a flowing dark red dress of vaguely Victorian vintage in front of a fairy-tale castle and carriage. Nicely posed and rendered, but the lady's attire ought to be lighter to make her stand out against the backdrop.

The next one is, I think, my favourite: a rather cheeky young dragon beside a young lady in a white and green gown. The detail on the dragon is amazing and well-rendered, with beautiful scales. That's followed by a winged girl lounging on a bowl of over-large flowers, and seemingly threatened by a massive hummingbird that has flown up behind her. Individual parts of the picture - especially the flowers - are well-done, but the composition as a whole doesn't work very well. Next is the 'adventurer with dogs' - well, the dogs are nice, but the adventurer, although her clothing is well done, is of implausible shape and has a face like a Barbie doll. Excellent staff, I know a few wizards who might like to appropriate it!

The next one is pure pin-up, leggy girl in scanty shorts and top in front of a sports car, with a Confederate flag and fireworks in the background. Beautifully-composed picture, if the content appeals. The next one is a pin-up as well, if your tastes run to the macabre; a lady in scanty black underwear reclining against a tomb (which is a wonderfully well done rendition of stonework) with a couple of skeletons lurking around. Then there's a pair of vampires, male and female, taking their ease, a nice balanced picture with some more good stonework and a very good sprawling pose for the male vampire lounging on a throne.

The final three pictures are a woman who seems to be on the point of a 'wardrobe malfunction' beside a large well-rendered toad (who looks like he's got the giggles), a Wiccan in a position the human anatomy couldn't adopt (but her spellbook and cat are well done, also her stripy socks which rival some of mine!) and a final out-and-out pinup pose of a lady whose hat and broomstick suggest witch and whose clothing (or lack thereof) suggest something else entirely!

On the whole, technically competent and tasteful images mostly suited to something like a calendar which you probably don't need to hide when Grannie comes to visit: if that's what you are after it's a nice collection.

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Fantasy Women Clipart Volume 2
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