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The Majestic Wilderlands $6.99
Publisher: Bat in the Attic Games
by Steven W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/29/2009 12:48:46

I bought this item in a fit of Old School nostalgia, and I am very pleased to say it hit the spot!

Roughly half this book details out a campaign world that - while I may read for inspiration and enjoyment - i will probably never use. It is well thought out and covers the necessary bases for a game world.

But the rest contains so many cool and useful bits that I want to use in a game. In addition to fleshing out the basic Sword and Wizardry class with sub-classes such as Berserkers and Rune Casters and Clerics of Thor, this book introduces rules for Rogues, non-Adventurer classes, new races (and new takes on old races) and a complete and playable skill system that doesn't require a ton of rules, charts or fiddly bits. Round things out with some new monsters, new magic items, and rules for Ritual Magic.

There are a few typos and lay out issues, but I feel such things are quibbles in the face of the sheer amount of cool stuff this book hands to you.

Steve W Baltimore, MD

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The Majestic Wilderlands
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