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Supernatural: The Hunt Begins $0.00
Publisher: Margaret Weis Productions
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 01/05/2010 12:25:18

Wondering if you would like to play in the world of the Supernatural TV show? Or trying to convince your gaming group that it would be a neat idea? In a good move, Margaret Weis Productions offers a free PDF with enough within to play a session and decide for yourself, before splashing out on the full Corebook, an idea I thoroughly approve of!

It begins with a brief introduction to Supernatural, although the assumption is that you've already seen it, in fact if you haven't I'd suggest you watch an episode or two as if it does not appeal neither will this game. The role of the Game Master is also explained, just in case this is picked up by fans of the show who are new to role-playing games.

Next comes a cut-down version of the Cortex System rules, quite enough for you to understand the character sheet and then play a pre-generated character in the adventure provided. Indeed, these few pages would make a handy reference to keep to hand even if you go for the full game later, or as an introduction to new players joining an established game. There's even a short example of play (the same as the one in the Corebook - do NOT read during a flight!) to make everything clear.

The rules explained, next comes an adventure 'Of Wolf and Man.' It is presented very clearly with plenty of tips to help a novice GM, especially if some of the players are new to gaming as well. There's plenty going on, and you should have no difficulty in getting the characters deeply involved and engrossed until the end... probably begging for more!

Finally, there are character sheets for four fully-generated characters (although the adventure will work just as well if you have access to the Corebook and have made your own). Two of them are the show's main characters, Dean and Sam Winchester, and there are two new characters one of whom is female. A nice touch is that instead of just listing skills, there are a few words of explanation of how and when to use them.

Overall, this is a neat introduction to the game which should have you wanting to play it more, with the added bonus of a good adventure in its own right very clearly presented as well as being a good example of how to construct an adventure for this game. Well done!

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Supernatural: The Hunt Begins
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