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Aihrde [BUNDLE]
Aihrde [BUNDLE]
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Publisher: Arion Games
by Kevin M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/15/2010 07:43:12

Some small OCR issues don't detract from a welcome return for the Maelstrom game.

As a proud owner of an dog-eared original, this book was almost mythical for many years, loads of people had seen it, heard of it, but not many had a copy, now everybody can own a copy!

Maelstrom is a curio, the Magick rules in particular, are a real diversion from the Vancian magic of D&D, the onus is on the Referee to rule on what is, and isn't allowed, and how hard it is.

The other two things Maelstrom is famous for is the herbal guide at the back, and the advanced injury rules, in which each wound is treated separately, and heals separately from other wounds, this is unique in my experience...

Thanks Arion Games for making this available again, it's a fascinating game!

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