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Power Pics Villains 7 -Malign Shapeshifter $2.00 $0.99
Publisher: Mesozoic Press
by Christopher H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 02/03/2010 00:35:32

If you use printable miniatures for Mutants & Masterminds or another superhero RPG, and you need to represent a villain similar to Clayface or Sandman, this guy will do the job for you. A large illustration accompanies a printable miniature for each of three color schemes: full-color, black-and-white, and grayscale. The "back" of each miniature is a silhouette, not an illustrated view of the villain from behind. The artwork is nice enough, but when other publishers sell sets of 30+ printable miniatures for $4-$6, I can't get enthusiastic about a product that charges $4 (list price) or even $2 (sale price) for just a single figure, albeit with accompanying full-page art.

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Creator Reply:
when i started Mesozic Press single images from other publishers were selling for $4.00 each and i was trying to stay competative. i intend to try and provide affordable and useful items for use in rpgs and so i've taken your comments to heart and intend to restructure my pricing plan. I hope that this is of some interest to you and other gamers.
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Power Pics Villains 7 -Malign Shapeshifter
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