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Bits of Darkness: Dungeons $5.25
Publisher: Tabletop Adventures, LLC
by Scott G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/03/2010 17:33:48

Bits of Darkness: Dungeons is a very good idea and well executed. The concept is to provide a dungeon designer with little interesting characteristics of each room of the dungeon. Some of these details are more thorough with plot hooks, treasure, & traps; some are just a couple of lines of description. It's all terribly useful stuff, especially for groups which make heavy use of random elements. There are also several small pieces of good black & white artwork.

Liked: Variety of well written characteristics, all of them excellently organized

Disliked: The authors relied rather heavily upon the concept of finding the body of a previous adventurer. If I were to use all of these in a large dungeon, my players would be angry with me about all of these bodies laying around for no reason. It's also a completely incompatible concept with many themed dungeons. Really, why do so many people keep going into this dungeon if no one ever comes back out?

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Bits of Darkness: Dungeons
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