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soft landing v1.0
Publisher: BTRC
by Michael G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/09/2010 00:22:15

I think this is a very good game with many strategic and tactical player choices. The core of the game is an unforgiving economic engine that repays you with catastrophes relative to how hard you work the system. If you go slow you won't get enough resources to buy VPs and use your special abilities, but you won't add your part of catastrophes either. If you go foot to the floor, you will be able to buy quite a lot, but then will have to deal with the destructive consequences. This is a nice simple model for the real world and when coupled with markets and the need to build up your technology if you want to win, the player is put into a seriously compelling bind.

I really like the game. I built the components in about an hour (though I left the glue on the markers dry overnight) and learned the rules in about the same amount of time. It did take a play though to understand how it all fit together.

Great job!!! Thanks!!!

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soft landing v1.0
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