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Hellfrost Adventure: #01 - Lair of the Vermin Lord $0.00
Publisher: Triple Ace Games
por Stuart M. [Comprador verificado] Fecha en que fue añadido: 02/20/10 08:25:44

I purchased the Hellfrost setting some months back but it took me a while to getting a group together to run a campaign with this superb Savage Worlds setting. Lair of The Vermin Lord certainly gave me a boot up the rear to get things moving! What I really appreciate as a pdf buyer is the fact that this product is fully bookmarked ... not essential in a module adventure but really appreciated by a GM! Triple Ace Games really put out high quality material and if this module is matched by the others in the series (and there are plenty to keep a group running for months and months) I will certainly be back.

The plot is straightforward to run and should keep players busy and involved, mine were certainly challenged (appropriately) at times and enjoyed the story as it unfolded. A good mix of combat and NPC-PC interaction with a nice range of Skills being useful. As an introductory adventure to the Savage Worlds system, this was great and it really got my players into the Hellfrost setting.

What is not advertised is that this adventure comes with some high quality paper miniatures, very very nice, thanks TAG!

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Hellfrost Adventure: #01 - Lair of the Vermin Lord
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