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Shadow Over Inowek
Shadow Over Inowek
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TFG Stupid Fantasy Laws Bundle 1 [BUNDLE] $6.53 $4.25
Publisher: Dark Quest Games
by R J C S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/06/2010 20:55:53

I have to say that, at the price they were offered for (because of a GM Day special, the bundle cost only $4.25, instead of the regular $6.20 price tag), these small references are a decent source of ideas for plot twists meant to get unsuspecting characters into serious trouble.

The material itself is interesting, despite the numerous errors (spelling, grammar, irritating expressions like “quite certainly perhaps”…), and the “Probable Cause” sections are actually quite useful. Our little group likes to get into discussions about the plausibility of some of the events thrown into a game, and we like such details. A line or two after each law to indicate whether it is actually on the books of some poor misguided town or county would have been even nicer.

The presentation, on the other hand, would have to go up a notch or two to qualify as poor. The cover looks like a bad attempts at recreating a psychedelic poster from the 70’s, while inside, there is no format to make the text pleasant to peruse. Just check out what you want, and get back to something more interesting.

By Vol. 7, the cover has evolved into something a tad more attractive, even though it does look like something from the earliest days of RPG’s; by Vol. 8, it actually looks more professional, and some decent attempt is made to give the text itself a more appealing format, something which is eventually managed in Vol. 9, which even includes a few stock images. (Unfortunately, neither of these two last volumes are included in the bundle, an odd oversight at the very least.) But all in all, this is a visually unappealing product line.

We have simply decided we will strip the texts out of the various pdf files, combine them into a single document, and give the results a more appropriate presentation. Should take us all of an hour, at the most, time we would have liked to see the author himself invest.

All in all, a decent buy, considering the sale prise, but not an incredible one.

What we liked:

Contents: Imaginative and useful. Inclusion of a Probable Cause section a very nice detail.

What we disliked:

Presentation: Absolutely amateurish. Writing: The author's taking a few minutes after writing to polish some sections or even to check the spelling and punctuation would have been nice.

Overall value: Worth the on-sale price, at most. Definitely not worth the full price.

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TFG Stupid Fantasy Laws Bundle 1 [BUNDLE]
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