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Øone's Blueprints: Drow City - Military Academy $1.95
Publisher: 0one Games
by Andrew L. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 03/20/2010 00:01:58

Drow City - Military Academy runs to 19 pages including covers. For the price you get 2 copies of the 5 pages of maps. One set in old school blue on white and another in black and white. Using the PDF buttons included you can select in and out such things as room numbering or furniture, and can even switch from 5 feet squares to 1 yard hex. There's a one page legend of the map symbols and four pages of room purposes laid out as tables with space for brief notes. Further there's a blank copy of the table. The maps are stored as "vectors." This means that unlike many maps, which use the same method as photographs for their data, this map can be enlarged with no jagged edges.

The "keep" of military academy featured in the map has been carved from a very large stalagmite and is on four levels. It is clear and the room purposes are logical, without major omissions such as the classic in old school dungeons of failing to provide loos (well the medieval equivalent). There are no arrow slits shown in the exterior of the keep wall, which leads one to think that the whole building could be cleared simply by sealing its five exterior doors and waiting for the occupants to suffocate. But then there is no need to let in light in the Underdark.

The grounds of the academy has a constructed wall whose top which is presumably patrolled. One assumes that the section at the business end of the of bow shot range is walked by students on disciplinary. Many DMs will fail to resist the temptation to fill the large outside swimming pool with acid.

Overall this is a well executed map in retro style. At this price it will make a sensible inclusion in any DMs 'just in case' arsenal of maps. It's also perfectly suitable for population and use as a full scenario.

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Øone's Blueprints: Drow City - Military Academy
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