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101 Magical Weapon Properties (PFRPG) $5.99
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 03/26/2010 11:53:36

I am pretty sure hell will freeze into a tropical abyss before Rite Pubishing puts out a bad product. 101 Magical Weapon Properties is another great production by the publisher that enhances the Pathfinder System.

The product contains 101 different special abilities for weapons and armor within its 25 pages. Elegant and very easy to navigate, the PDF shines in producing different takes on abilities we’ve seen before and a few that are just out of the box. Products with this many different products I often treat as if I was watching a spoof movie. If half of the stuff is good its an A, and I’d say more than 75 percent of the abilities in the book are things I would put on my NPCs and special items.

Magical Properties starts off great from the start with a detailed chart giving the costs and random rolls for the items. Taking no time for lengthy forewords, it jumps right into the abilities.

For the Player Books like this make me want to play, and so my favorite two abilities I recommend for players. Guided is an awesome ability that plays with numbers that rarely are utilized, miss chances. I can not imagine a situation where this on a weapon would not be useful. Another ability I fell in love with was the Spell Echoing ability. It allows the wielder to mirror a spell that was cast. The stipulations to balance the ability insure that it is not misused.

For the Dungeonmaster Infectious is something I’d sneak onto an NPC’s sword simply for its lasting effect. It allows the weapon to implement a disease without the normal waiting period. I know all you Dungeonmasters are salivating at the idea of instant mummy rot. Not an ability but a nice little bonus spell at the end is Bestow Affliction, which is a deadly little spell for putting some new curses on PCs.

The Iron Word Balanced and chocked full of creativity, 101 Magical Properties does the impossible by making a book comprised mostly of new abilities.

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101 Magical Weapon Properties (PFRPG)
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