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Chronica Feudalis $10.00
Publisher: Cellar Games, LLC
by Simon S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/27/2010 03:06:06

A breath of fresh air. A simple system that trades rules complexity for imagination on the part of the players and GM. The skill system is simple, though perhaps too simple if you want a complex living world with crafting, starvation and other mechanistic things. Task resolution system is simple and unified - also check out the rules addition that simplifies the system even more. It is also a system that is easily expanded on with your own setting, though the default setting is based in feudal europe (setting is only superficially detailed).

uses a step-dice (pool) system which appeals to me without the numerous modifiers that ruined Savage Worlds (for me) and the Burning Wheel (not step-dice but dice pool). Mouse Guard was a touch too abstract for me but CF appeals more too me. Overall this is a game that I wished I'd come up with because it's how games that are meant to be rules light should be made.

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Chronica Feudalis
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