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Country Village $2.99
Publisher: Sonic Legends
by Christopher H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 04/05/2010 16:15:11

Lull your players into a false sense of security with this lush, gorgeous piece from Erika Lieberman. The music and sound effects evoke a beautiful meadow full of blooming flowers, chirping birds, and playing children. There's even a light, almost comical interlude, and the cows and pigs come out to play a little over halfway through the piece. Play this track while the PCs rest in a country village (in any time period, as the music and sound effects are thoroughly genre-neutral) or stroll across a lovely hillside—then cut to an action-oriented soundtrack like Erika's "Attack of the Wyvern" and hit them with a dreadful monster. I would certainly have scored the early scenes of "Feed the Dead" with this soundscape if I'd had the chance. It's a great track to play during game breaks as well, and it's even non-intrusive enough to play while you work (if you have an office job).

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Country Village
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