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Starblazer Adventures
Publisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.
by Patrick H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/11/2010 14:23:45

Wow, my first experience with FATE - a truly massive tome filled to the brim with pulp space opera goodness.

This thing has everything from strong character creation to equipment, reams of information on building starships, space monsters, war machines, robots, alien worlds, cool adventures, and awesome campaigns.

It is a massive toolkit for building just about anything Sci Fi based. A lot of systems there to help you build exactly what you want out for YOUR sci fi game.

There are also at least a hundred pages of loose "setting" stuff - READ: good stuff you can move to your game.

I highly recommend also picking up Mindjammer too. While Starblazers gives you the tools to build what you want, I found Mindjammer to be a perfect example of seeing the systems IMPLEMENTED (and it is a great supplement aside form that). If found this really helped me see some of starblazer in action.

If there is one weakness, it is that there is so much stuff in the book, I find myself getting lost in it and unable to find some things I am looking for. It is a tad "all-over-the-place". But that said, I would rather have it be as complete as it is... so this is a nitpick at best.

Oh and one more thing... There seems to be this little war out there between people who like Starblazer and Diaspora. Do yourself a favor... ignore it (the war that is). They are both great. I highly recommend picking them both up. They both have their strengths and flaws. I bought them both and took form each what worked best for my group. i suggest your do the same... (and don't forget Mindjammers!)

Do yourself a favor - purchase this gem.

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