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Publisher: Precis Intermedia
by R. S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/12/2010 02:53:22

I have been reading different "universal" rules systems for the last month and trying to find one that would work best for me. I started roleplaying with D&D 1E basic/expert set and have played many of them through the years. I have been happy with GURPS for a long time able to adapt it to what I want. But it is a bit rules heavy for new people starting out. Even if you use the lite version.

I have played a bit of Savage Worlds as that was recommended to me, but it isn't flexible enough for me. I could hack it a bit to give it a bit more realism and other klugdes, but it would start to become unbalanced quickly in my opinion. Don't get me wrong if you are just looking for a fun system that is easy to pick up and play but not very realistic, SW is worth checking out.

I find genreDiversion 3E to be a really slick system! Reading the rules, I could quickly see how great it is. It doesn't have everything and the kitchen sink included in the rules, although there is a lot, it doesn't need to. It is very easy to build off of the rules and have them work. For instance, I like having an option for someone to start bleeding after a wound, or to use cards for initiative like Savage Worlds. No problem. If I want to make the setting more cinematic or realistic, again very easy to change.

It also has some great scalling rules for changing the power of a campaign or mixing them. You could use the scaling to simply figure out what damage a huge spacecraft's laser does to a truck, for instance.

There are a few fiddly bits that I don't really care for, but I can remove or modify them easily without unbalancing the system.

If you like the EABA system, you will probably like this one. They have a lot of simularities, but I think genreDiversion 3E is a bit better in the design.

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The genreDiversion 3E Manual
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